Take control of preREOs during forclosure to maximize your investment returns.

The Smart Investment

Boot Camp: Learn To Profit With The 4 Step preREO Process

  • Find first mortgages secured by a vacant property in your area.
  • Bid, negotiate, and partner on mortgage notes direct from lenders.
  • Take control of the property legally during the foreclosure process.
  • Make a profit from rental income and selling after foreclosure.

Local Investors are the Solution

preREO investors have the local advantage. With the assistance of Activist Legal, investors have a local court appoint a receiver of their choice and arrange to cost-effectively repair, lease and maintain the property during the foreclosure process.

Lenders are willing to partner on these notes at a sizable discount to market values, mitigating their losses now and increasing the potential returns for investors, a win-win.

We Have the Experience

Program Details

  • Browse preREOs sourced directly from lenders at discounted prices
  • Contribute 25% of the price, preREO contributes the remaining 75%
  • Earn everything over a 12% annual return paid to preREO on their 75%
  • Pay a program fee of $2,000 on the acquisition of the note


State laws typically require that a licensed mortgage servicer services note investments and this includes preREOs. Thus, we have arranged with AHP Servicing to service preREOs for $50 monthly.

Solution to the Problem



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