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Are you a real estate professional looking for more referrals? Become a court-appointed preREO receiver to generate property management fees and REO listings.

preREO’s Agent Program

Here’s How it Works

1. Join the preREO Network

Complete the form below to receive the agreement and more details

2. Get Added to Our Database

Your information will be added to our list of real estate professionals

3. Receive Referrals

Local Buyers in your area who may need property management and/or listing agent services will be referred to you

Program Benefits

• Get Referrals

Your name and contact info will be listed as a potential receiver, property manager and/or listing agent (at time of REO) for properties in your area

• Access to Training and Support

We’ll help you learn what it takes to be a receiver and how to navigate this unique process

• Flexible Time Commitment

Dedicate as much time as your schedule allows with no up-front costs

Join Our Network

Join the preREO Network

Complete the form to receive the agreement and more details.

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