Buyers want to buy preREOs. Sellers want to sell preREOs. Our affiliates help to bring them together so that everyone wins on every deal.

The Smart Investment

Why do buyers work with preREO?

Register for free today and start sharing with your audience immediately or on your own schedule.

We provide you with a library of visual content to promote preREO on your website or social media.

Every time an investor that uses your link to register then partners on a preREO asset, you earn a profit.

How does our buyer affiliate program work?

Get your link Use a unique URL to refer users to register on
Promote preREO Create content (or borrow some of ours) to promote the brand.
Profit Earn $200 when one of your buyers buys an asset.

We Have the Experience

Why do sellers work with preREO?

Sellers don’t pay to list with us, and they are under no obligation to sell. We make it easy for them to find buyers without a lot of extra work, but they always retain the option to sell or keep their asset.

Making their assets available to individual investors clears space in their portfolios for their own new opportunities. Instead of needing to hold on to those non- or under-performing assets, they gain flexibility for their future investments.

Assets listed with preREO go on our website, the primary marketplace for pre-foreclosure real estate, and also Zillow and Trulia. That means their distressed note gets in front of more investors. We even give them control over adding and removing their inventory so they’re never trapped into selling any given asset.

Even better: we don’t have an exclusivity clause. They can still list their assets on their own platforms.

How does our seller affiliate program work?

Find assets Introduce us to your sellers and we’ll get their assets listed on our site.
Sell assets Our marketplace does its work and the assets are sold.
Profit You earn $50 for each asset sold.

Solution to the Problem

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